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The Best Homemade Spaghetti Sauce

I know, I know… everyone claims their recipe is “the best”. 

But is this spaghetti sauce recipe the best? I’m sure no one will ever know. But what I can say, with firm conviction, is that it is darn delicious. And easy to make, at that. I actually make this recipe fairly often, and last night, it made another appearance in the Crunchy Mountain Kitchen. 

You all know The Nugget, and my many stories about his extreme food aversions. Well, before he got super picky, he actually used to enjoy some foods. Ravioli being one of them. But when we switched from the processed food, he wasn’t digging my homemade pasta. Who am I kidding? I wasn’t digging it either. That’s definitely something on my list of things to work on. Thus, my search began for a “semi-processed” version… sigh. 

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Spicy Ranch Dip

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A few weeks back, I taught an essential oils class for some friends, at their church.

Now please keep in mind that I live in the Bible Belt, and this class was held at a Baptist church. If you’re not familiar with the Baptist denomination, anytime there is a gathering (especially in the Southern Baptist church), FOOD is always present. Lots of it. And it’s goooooood

I walked into the church fellowship hall to begin setting up all my oil goodies, and my friends are in the kitchen whipping up all sorts of tasty treats for the class attendees. It smelled amazing. I almost didn’t turn on my diffuser… 😉 

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