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Homemade Fudgesicles

Not only are these homemade fudgesicles delicious…they are deceptively delicious. 😉 

If you have learned anything about me by now, it’s that I like food that is easy to prepare. But it also needs to be healthy. Especially since I have the pickiest kid in this hemisphere. 

So what’s a mom to do? You get creative. My kids love (and beg for) my healthy chocolate pancakes, so I figured why not make these delicious fudgesicles healthy as well? 

I grabbed my blender, and got to it. 

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Spicy Ranch Dip

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A few weeks back, I taught an essential oils class for some friends, at their church.

Now please keep in mind that I live in the Bible Belt, and this class was held at a Baptist church. If you’re not familiar with the Baptist denomination, anytime there is a gathering (especially in the Southern Baptist church), FOOD is always present. Lots of it. And it’s goooooood

I walked into the church fellowship hall to begin setting up all my oil goodies, and my friends are in the kitchen whipping up all sorts of tasty treats for the class attendees. It smelled amazing. I almost didn’t turn on my diffuser… 😉 

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