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Easy Peasy Yeast Rolls

If you’ve learned anything from reading my blog…

I hope part of that, is that I enjoy not only good, healthy food…but EASY good, healthy food.  For so long, the art of bread making has eluded me. I would make a few good loaves here and there, and then the next ten I make are complete duds. So, naturally, I was hesitant to attempt yet another bread recipes. More specifically, a yeast roll recipe. You see, I’m sorta known around my house as making the best burgers ever. Seriously. It’s been the one thing I’ve always made well, since the Mountain Man and I got married. And I’ve just been perfecting it over the past 9 years. The only problem we ran into, now that we are trying to remove as much processed foods from our lives, is finding a hamburger bun we could eat, that wasn’t loaded with processed sugars. 

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Crunchy Mountain Mama’s Natural Deodorant

The journey to living a “crunchy” lifestyle was, and continues to be, a gradual process. Three years ago we started by using cloth diapers to help cut back on waste, and to save some money. Once we calculated how much money we were actually spending each month on disposables, we knew we had to do something to cut our costs, especially as our family grew. Fast forward another year, when I was first introduced to essential oils. Learning to use them was a process (and getting my husband to stop calling them snake oils), but we are now at a point where my kids, and my Mountain Man are turning to the oils for support for their bodies first…and that’s huge!

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