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Sunscreen Review


Yes, that’s right. It’s officially summer, and that means lots of time outside. And time outside means we need to protect our skin. It is so important to make sure you pick a sunscreen that doesn’t contain all that extra junk and those nasty chemicals

Before I became “crunchy”, this was never on my radar. Even when I started having awful skin reactions. The summer I was pregnant with Little Miss T, our family went to the beach. I applied sunscreen as usual, and was fine…until a day later. I noticed little red, itchy bumps started appearing on my hands, then up my arm and soon almost most of my upper body was covered. And I. was. miserable. 

It went away after about 3 weeks. But not before I went and had a biopsy done at the dermatologist. That came back with no answers as to what caused it. We just chalked it up to one of those weird pregnancy symptoms that some people deal with. 

Later on that same summer, the boys and I visited my parents at their home down the mountain. It’s always sweltering there in the summer, so sunscreen is a must. 

After a few days the tiny bumps came back! I couldn’t believe it, and got so angry and annoyed at the constant itch, that I could not stop the tears from flowing. Then a lightbulb went off. The last time I experienced this was when I used sunscreen. And not the same sunscreen, mind you. But definitely one that you could buy at any old convenience store, Target, or Walmart. 

I started researching and came across the Environmental Working Groups list of safe sunscreen. They also have a list on unsafe sunscreen, by the way…in case you care to take a peek. Just a heads up…I guarantee you have at least one of the unsafe ones in your cabinet as we speak. I did. 

Living in a small town, it was nearly impossible to find some of these safe options.

So Amazon to the rescue! 

I found and purchased the Blue Lizard brand for the kids and myself. (Mountain Man is still set in his ways on his preferred sunscreen, but I’m working on that). I applied it to the kids and (hesitantly) to myself. I was, for good reason, a bit gun shy on the sunscreen front. 

The results? 

LOVE! It didn’t leave a white chalky residue, and soaked into the skin so well. The best part? I have never had an issue since! Well, except one day, when I was in a hurry to get the kids out of the house and to the park on a beautiful day. In my haste, I couldn’t find the new stuff, and grabbed our old sunscreen that I had forgotten to throw away. I thought to myself. One day won’t hurt. I’ll toss it when we get home. 


I broke out again. But that was the last time. I threw all the old junk away and have never looked back. 

Now, I still use the Blue Lizard for the kids, but I have since branched out to try another brand for myself. I was feeling risky. Plus I have a sweet friend who swears by it, and I trust her brand, so I gave it a shot. 


It’s the BeautyCounter sunscreen. And I’m in love. A little bit truly goes a long way, and it also soaked into my skin well, without leaving a weird white layer caked on. Plus, it didn’t leave any greasy residue either. Win-win. 

Now, before I continue, I will give you a disclaimer here. I am in no way affiliated with BeautyCounter, other than I love their products. That’s literally where the train stops my friend. I do not earn any commissions or kick backs from mentioning this brand. If you have never tried their products, I can put you in touch with my amazing friend. She is a rep for BeautyCounter, and is passionate about what she does, and she can help you out! 

And guess what…this sunscreen is also on the approved list from the EWG! Score! 

So what makes this brand so incredible? The first thing I ever learned about them, was their “Never List”. This is the list they came up with on chemicals that will never make an appearance in any of their products. Period. 

So before you grab for your same-ol’ sunscreen, I beg you to just look at the ingredients. See if they made the safe list. If not, I hope you will consider checking out a safer option. Stay safe, friends…and enjoy your summer, chemical-free!! 

Here’s a super helpful read: 8 Little Known Facts About Sunscreens


Hello Spring

I love Paris in the Springtime. 

Just kidding…I’ve not been fortunate enough to experience Paris in the Springtime. Fall, yes. Spring? Not yet. One day…one day. 

But seriously, I do love Springtime. 

That time of year where the temperature is just warm enough to open the windows, and I can finally let the stale winter air out of the house. Don’t get me wrong, I love winter. But once it gets into March, I’m ready for jeans, flip flops, 3/4 length sleeved shirts, and 68 degree days. 

Spring brings about a time of renewal. Of freshness and starting over.

For me, that means flinging open the living room windows, and doing a deep Spring Cleaning sesh. Now, that hasn’t happened *yet* because…rain. Oh, and 3 kids. And running a business. But it’s on my to-do list, I swear! 

With that being said, I wanted to share with you all some great ways to get your house so fresh and so clean, clean…without all the toxic chemicals that not only smell awful and chemical-y, but they are not safe. For you, your kids, or your pets. In fact, I would be willing to bet that 95% of the stuff you use for cleaning (assuming you haven’t already started removing those toxins from your home), are downright dangerous. 

My absolute all-time favorite cleaning agent is none other than dōTERRA’s On Guard Cleaner Concentrate. You guys. It’s amazing. Not only does it smell AMAZING, but it actually cleans. And cleans well

This little 12oz bottle is jam-packed with powerful essential oils that will get the job done! I was hesitant at first, when I first tried it, because I didn’t want to have to spend an arm and a leg on stuff to clean my house. The first bottle I bought lasted me over 6 months! Probably closer to a year, if I’m being honest. 

It’s safe. It’s effective.

It’s food safe, which means you can clean your entire kitchen with it. Dishes and all, if you like! 

It’s kid safe, which means you can clean tables, chairs, floors, TOYS…everything, with it!

It’s non-toxic and the only “warning” on the bottle says this:

Keep out of reach of children. If cleaner gets in eyes, rinse thoroughly with water. If swallowed, drink a glass of water to dilute.” I love that. None of those warnings to “contact poison control” or warnings about “causing any adverse side effects if accidentally ingested or if gotten in the eyes”. That is a cleaner I can get behind, and one I feel confident in. Especially with littles in the house.

You can actually read more about the powerful effects of our On Guard protective blend just by doing some simple Google searches. One website I want to encourage you to check out, is That’s right…it’s a non dōTERRA, government run site. And it’s got some very interesting studies that have been done on our proprietary blend. Check it out!

But it’s not just about cleaning…we want things to smell nice as well.

Yes, things always smell better once a good cleaning has been done, but sometimes we just need an uplifting scent to fill the air. This blend is a super yummy way to not only make your rooms smell better, but to help cleanse the air as well. It’s a win-win! 

Just add these delicious oils to your glass spray bottle with some water, and voila! You have yourself an uplifting, cleansing, and amazing smelling room spray! Get the full recipe over on the dōTERRA blog.

And while you’re at it, go ahead and give your body and little spring cleaning as well. Did you know that by drinking citrus oils in your water, you are able to cleanse petrochemicals out of your system. Petrochemicals are in everything from your (non natural) makeup, shampoo and conditioners…pretty much any bath and body product you can get on the market. Most of those products are not rigorously tested, and they cause damage to our bodies, and are known to be hormone disruptors, so it’s super important to get them out of your system. Plus, grapefruit is a natural diuretic. 😉 

If you are looking to remove toxins from your home, and desire to have a healthier home, let’s talk! I’ve got an incredible gift in store for anyone who chooses to sign up with me, during the month of April! (hint: it might involve something mentioned in this post 😉 )

So, say welcome to Spring, with some healthy and safe cleaning alternatives for your home! 

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