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Honey-Garlic Chicken & Rice

You. Guys. Are. Gonna. Love. This.

You know, I spend a lot of my down time perusing Pinterest doing serious research on new recipes to try, ways to convert them into our Real Food lifestyle, and then taking what I’ve learned and putting it into action in my kitchen. I’ve hopefully taken out any of the guess work, and made some simple and delicious recipes that you can, in turn, make without hesitation on if it will turn out or taste ok. I promise, they will all taste amazing. I won’t eat something unless it’s yummy. I’ve never been that girl who “suffers through rice cakes or cardboard energy bars” because they are “good for me”. If I’m going to eat healthy food, I want it to taste great! We shouldn’t have to sacrifice taste for healthy. Am I right?!

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Cajun Chicken Alfredo

I found my super-hero name. “The Great Food Maker”. At least that’s what J-Man called me today. Hey, it’s better that hearing “Mama, Mama, Mama” for the umpteenth bazillionth time in a row. I’ll take it.

I’m just thankful he actually likes my cooking. So far, he’s willingly tried everything I’ve made and if he doesn’t like it, he’ll say something like, “It’s good. But I’m full.” Sigh. They learn early, don’t they?

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