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A Tale of a Snail

As much as I may complain about the heat, and the bees, and the spiders, and the mosquitos…I really do love summer.

Especially in the mountains. I mean, let’s face it, it’s gorgeous up here, and a solid 10 degree difference in weather, than those in the flat lands. Anyone who is stuck dealing with 90+ degree weather in the summer, I feel for you, I really do. But I don’t envy you. Not in the least. I’ll keep my Boone weather, thank you very much.

One thing I am really starting to enjoy, as my kiddos get older, is seeing them explore the great outdoors, and all the wonders it holds. My oldest, J-Man, says he wants to be a scientist (and a police officer). When I ask him what kind of scientist, he says a scientist of snails. Okay then. But oh, how I love his enthusiasm, and his excitement for the big “thing” he’s into for that week…day…hour. And this week, he loves snails. He has actually acquired a “pet” snail, that he has lovingly named Seymore.


Trust me, before I helped him nail down an actual name, I would have had to type out “hopps-jo-giba-gooba-jiba-kucha”. I suggested that it might be good to pick a name he could pronounce more than once, and that other people could say. So I started throwing out “S” names, because…snail. He liked Seymore, so it stuck.

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Our Real Food Journey….so far

You know what? I must really love you guys.

Why, you ask? Because I’m about to talk (in great detail) about our real food journey, and my weight loss stats (with pictures) to date. I’m a little torn about my feelings on this post.

Am I excited to talk about what this new food diet has done for myself AND my family, and countless others out there?! ABSOLUTELY! Am I nervous about showing you…friends, family AND strangers my weight loss progress so far? DUH. But my excitement outweighs (pun intended) the fear by leaps and bounds.

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