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Sweet Potato Banana Bites

Pure. Genius.

At least that’s what I thought, when I came across this recipe. My husband happened to agree…my two oldest, did not. Weirdos.

What’s not to love?! Sweet potato? Good. Banana? Good. CHOCOLATE? Good. (If you just read that like Joey from FRIENDS, then we need to be best friends. Stat.)

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Coconut & Avocado Grasshopper Bars

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Nope, I’m not Irish. Not even a smidge.

But my oldest, J-man, has been learning about St. Patrick this week at his pre-school (of course not mentioning the horrific, nightmare inducing part of the kidnapping of Patrick as a young boy). So I began to wonder how many people actually know why we celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day? And yes, I can celebrate, too, even though I’m not Irish. And here’s why…

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