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100% Whole Wheat Pita Bread

Pita Bread. Yummmm…

Don’t you just hate when you are trying your hardest to eat a healthy diet, and when you run across a recipe that clearly states “100% whole wheat….” in the title, and then you click on the link only to find LIES. Allllll lies. 

The picture looks pretty, but then you see the ingredients list, and only half of the flour required for the recipe is actually whole wheat! Can someone please tell me how that is considered 100% whole wheat?! It isn’t. So you can’t. They may as well say, “this-recipe-is-actually-only-50%-whole-wheat-but-I’m-a-liar-so…”

I digress.

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Myths of Switching to Real Food: Busted! {part 2}

Last week I talked about two of the biggest concerns many people have with making the switch to real food. I hope you found my ideas and tips helpful and encouraging to you!

So let’s move on to the next biggest issue that I hear quite often.

It’s too expensive.

Y’all, I get it. That was 100% me a year ago. 

Compared to the easily accessed pre-packaged food, the healthier stuff does seem more expensive sometimes. But I promise you, that in the long run, it’s really not. 

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