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Strawberry Pineapple Frozen Yogurt Pops

Happy Summer, all!! Ok, so I’m not usually thrilled about Summertime. It just gets too dang hot for my liking. If I had it my way, I’d be great with a moderate temperature of 72 degrees…however, that’s just not possible. So I’m trying to embrace the heat by thinking of fun and creative ways to enjoy it with my Crunchy Mountain Kiddos. We live in the mountains…more specifically, in the woods. So we don’t really have a yard that’s conducive to have a swing set or a pool…or really any dedicated outside play area.

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Easy Coconut Rolls

One day, several months ago, Mountain Man brought home some healthy snacks he found at our local health food store. They were pureed dates, rolled in shredded coconut. They went over with flying colors with him and the boys (I do not enjoy the texture of raw coconut, so these aren’t really my thing)…but the amount he got for the price he paid was less than stellar. I cannot justify spending almost $6 on a small little carton of these rolled balls of gooey goodness, that were gone within 2 days, when I can buy the ingredients and make three times as much for the same price.

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