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Deconstructed Greek Gyros

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Full disclosure: I am not Greek, nor do I have any Greek in my heritage. 

So, why I feel qualified to bring you a “Greek” dish, is beyond me. And to be honest, when I first decided to try this recipe, I had no idea if it would even work. Or if Mountain Man would eat it. Don’t get me wrong, he likes Greek food. He LOVES Feta.

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Monster Muffins

It seems I may be on a muffin kick. 

But I’m totally ok with that, because I can make them super healthy, tasty, and kid approved! Win-win-WIN!

My blue-eyed, reliable taste tester…

When I stumbled upon the idea of making green muffins, I was almost giddy. My kids (as are most kids, ammiright?) are usually turned off by the green color of food. It’s like they were born with this innate aversion to anything green…or healthy. But over the years, I’ve either learned to hide the green, or present it in a fun and (hopefully) kid-friendly way. 

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