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Mama and Me

My kids don’t call me “mommy”. My preference is Mama. And if I’m being totally honest with myself (and you all, my loyal readers), “mommy” is like fingernails on a chalkboard to my ears. I have no idea why. I think anytime I hear it, it just sounds whiney. But really, that has literally nothing to do with this post, so I digress. 

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Happy Birthday Little Miss T

Wow. TWO. My youngest, and last child turns TWO today. I’m a hot mess of emotions right now, to be honest with you. This girl right here…


Let’s just say that God knew I needed a little girl in my life. She is, in short, amazing. And to be honest with you…her birth story is pretty spectacular, too. It had to be. 

You see, baby girls due date was December 28th. If you just checked the date, then you already know that today is not December 28th. Sweet girl arrived 6 weeks early…

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