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Crazy Healthy Chocolate Pancakes

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 She shoots, she scores! 

Have you ever gotten a wild hair to try something healthy and pray that your kids would actually eat it? That’s basically what happened at dinner last night.

The Nugget has been extra picky these days, and I was tired of fighting with him to eat his dinner… or any meal for that matter. So when it came time to get dinner started, I had a mild panic attack. I could just give him leftover macaroni and cheese, but really, where was the health value in that? I needed to get some nutrients in this kid. STAT. 

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Homemade Animal Crackers

A few Sunday’s ago, my kids brought home a few small boxes of animal crackers that someone had given them, from church.

I knew, without looking at the ingredients list, that these were not a healthy treat for them. A treat, yes…but healthy? No way. I snuck the boxes into the pantry for a rainy day…or until I could toss them out without the kids noticing.  Continue reading

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