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World’s Best Steak Marinade

Ok, so maybe labeling it as the World’s BEST Marinade might be a little inaccurate. Maybe.

Or Maybe not. 😉 

Honestly, we will never know…but I can tell you that this marinade is incredible, and super easy to throw together. This is one of the recipes that makes me glad I’m a carnivore. I’ll shed a tear for my vegetarian friends…while I gobble this deliciousness right up.

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Crockpot Venison Chili

Before I met Mountain Man, I had never eaten venison.

Not to my knowledge, anyway. Once we got married, we always tried to choose healthy meats: ground turkey, lean ground beef…however, when we moved into our house, 6 years ago, one of my husbands co-workers gave us some venison. I knew nothing about cooking deer meat, so I started by just cooking it like other ground meats, and adding it into our spaghetti, or taco salads. The first time I tasted it, I was hooked. It was so tender and juicy and it just melted in your mouth. 

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