Ever have one of those “my kids won’t eat the FOOD I make…they just want to snack. All. Day. Long. days?” It’s ok…you’re definitely not alone. It’s the story of my life. I can count on two fingers the meals I make that The Nugget will actually eat. It’s quite disheartening at times. I have to remind myself that if he’s truly hungry, he will eventually eatIn the meantime, I will fill his belly with as many healthy and delicious “snacks” as I can. Since I know I am not alone in this, I am pretty excited to share this recipe with you all!

It’s one that our entire family has LOVED for a while, and I’ve just tweaked it to fit into our real food life. With the tweaks, you can’t tell a difference in taste (I made these long before making the “real food” switch).

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